Tunic Style Guide

The Tunic
A Most Versatile Piece

Streamlined and sophisticated, a tunic lends instant polish. And yet it is as effortless to wear as a t-shirt. We've featured our Maharani Tunic, however, we've designed all our tunics with an eye towards comfort, ease and ultimate versatility. 

The tunic exudes nonchalant glamour. A reverie evoking Talitha Getty lounging on the rooftops of Marrakesh and Bianca Jagger wandering through the souks of Mumbai.

Pair it with show stopping jeans and stiletto heels to achieve an instantly dressed up look.

Slip it on over your favorite pair of old jeans and flats for a casual yet pulled together look–perfectly appropriate for a morning coffee run or a zoom call.

Cinch it with our reversible Maharani sash belt to accentuate the waist to achieve a regal look reminiscent of Mughal maharajas or Russian Imperial times. SEE OUR MAHARANI BELT


Behind the scenes at our shoot: our model, Ella, with our Co-Founder's son and puppy, Nico: